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Area Of Application

For cutting seals on site and for quick service on the go and for mobile workshops.

The ring cutting machine was originally developed for cutting sealing plates without a metallic insert, e.g. KLINGERSIL® or KLINGER® Topchem products.



Basically, it is also possible to cut sealing plates like KLINGER® graphite laminate and KLINGER® Milam. The cutting result is also influenced by the manual skill of the respective user. 

Making the quipment operational

First adjust the centering bolt to the size of the required circular slitter. For this purpose, employ the incorporated tape line, by attaching it to the centring bolt. The set radius can be read off the slitter position. Insert the slitter substrate on the centering bolt and set the slitting depth on the small hand wheel so that the slitter just cuts into the substrate but dos not touch the counter roller in the rail. This setting should then to be secured with the counter nut. 

Thereafter, turn the slitter height back to the initial position.

Slitting routines

You can now commence the circular slitting operations. A centring boring has already been tapped into the small plate with the punch supplied. By turning the large hand wheel, the circular slitter can then be moved together with the small plate. The depth the slitter can be engaged stage by stage by means of the small hand wheel per turn of the workpiece depends on the gauge and the hardness of the plate presented. 


The "tiny one" is ideal for mobile workshops. It is easy to transport, quick to install and simple to handle and comes equipped with slitting work face, centering bolt, slitter and slitter callipers. The equipment can be employed to process all work from 300mm outside diameters to 25mm inner diameters.