A. W. Schultze PTFE-bellows

Chemical resistance made of high quality semi-finished products


Because of thegreat mechanical demands which may be required in individual cases, and the chemical resistance necessary, PTFE bellows are manufactured from special high-grade semi-finished products with total impermeability.

The shape of bellows depends on the intendedapplication and is based on the operating pressure, operating temperature, requiredelongationand radial misalignment.


Forms of PTFE Bellows

The followingbellowtypeshaveprovensuitable in practice:

prickpointed, type S:

  • mostelongation
  • low pressures

cuttinground, type R:

  • moderate elongation,
  • medium pressures

cutting angular, type E:

  • least elongation
  • high pressures


Please provide the following technical information when enquiring:

1.    Installation length
2.    Elongation, +/-
3.    Misalignment, parallel and angular
4.    Medium
5.    Operating pressure
6.    Operating temperature

In many cases, these aling conefrom a corresponding PTFE composition is sinteredon to bellows for fittings without stuffing boxes.