HKG Rings

Special seal for gate valves and butterfly valves

Special seal for gate valves and butterfly valves

The HKG rings represent a revolutionary solution in the field of industrial sealing, specifically designed for use in gate valves and other critical applications. These seals combine the latest material innovations with precise engineering to ensure optimal performance under extreme conditions.


Material Composition

The HKG gasket is based on a universal gasket plate known for its outstanding temperature and pressure resistance. The material is composed of aramid fibers bonded with NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) to achieve high mechanical stability, excellent gas tightness at high temperatures, and good chemical resistance. The HKG gasket is standardly equipped with an aluminum wrap, which not only significantly increases the strength of the gasket but also enhances its resistance to abrasion. This additional layer of aluminum contributes significantly to improved performance and extended lifespan of the gasket, making it particularly valuable for demanding industrial applications where abrasion resistance is of critical importance.


Application Area

The HKG gasket is excellently suited for use in gate valves and shut-off valves, where it provides reliable protection against a wide range of media, including hydrocarbons such as oils and solvents, alcohols, glycols, aqueous solutions, water, steam, weak bases, and organic acids. The gasket is conditionally suitable for use with ketones and esters, chlorinated solvents, as well as strong bases and inorganic acids.



For applications that do not require the highest demands on sealing performance, there is the option to supply the HKG gasket without the aluminum wrap. This variant retains the basic quality features of the seal but is intended for less demanding applications where high abrasion resistance may not be necessary. Optionally, the gasket can also be graphitized to prevent sticking of the gasket and simplify assembly and disassembly.


Technical Details and Highlights

Temperature Resistance: The HKG seal offers excellent temperature resistance, making it suitable for applications across a wide temperature range.

Max. Temperature: 500°C (Short-term)

Max. Temperature: 300°C Max.

Pressure: 150 bar

Color: Black-gray

Pressure Resistance: Due to its robust construction, the seal also withstands high-pressure conditions, making it ideal for high-pressure applications.

Abrasion Resistance: The optional aluminum wrapping increases abrasion resistance, qualifying the seal especially for applications with a high risk of wear.

Chemical Resistance: The material offers good chemical resistance against a variety of media, making the seal a versatile solution for various industrial applications.


Resistant to:

  • Hydrocarbons, such as oils and solvents
  • Alcohols, glycols, aqueous solutions, water, and steam up to 250°C
  • Weak alkalis and organic acids


Conditionally resistant:

  • Ketones and esters, chlorinated solvents
  • Strong alkalis and inorganic acids


Not resistant:

  • Hydrofluoric acid and concentrated nitric acid