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Special gaskets

Egraflex Steelflon Waveline-WLP®-special gaskets

Minimale emissions

The use of toxic, environmentally harmful or simply expensive gaseous media places extremely high demands on the sealing technology with the goal of very low emissions.


SIGRAFLEX® a special variant of Waveline-WLP®

Highly temperature resistant

High pressure gaskets must withstand high temperatures in the areas of power station technology as well as motor, plant and container fabrication.



Leakage reduction

As a result of fibre or metallic intrusion, etc. the production of semi-finished flat gasket products (sheet material) inevitably results in non-homogeneous gasket structure. This structure is characterised by a slight diffusion through the gasket's cross-section. The available surface compression is frequently insufficient for achieving adequate gas-tight compression of the gasket structure and ensuring micro sealing of the surfaces.
Without the need to change the flange geometry or bold grade, Waveline WLP gaskets are the right answer for these issues.


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