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At low compression force maximum performance

Properties and grades of elastomer gaskets

This overview is intended to help you select suitable materials for your particular needs.

ElastomerAWS designationColorShore hardeness (+-5) Resistance
Cold (°C)Heat (°C)Weather ageingAgeingOilPetrolAcidsAlkalines
CR/SBRNP 63schwarz70-20100XXXO  
CSM/EPDMHypalonschwarz65-10120XXX XX
EPDMGIMW DIN 86076schwarz68-30100XX  XX
EPDMEPDM 65schwarz65-40130XX  XX
EPDMEPDM KTWschwarz63-30100XX  XX
MQSilikon transp.transparent60-60200XXO   
MQSilikon rotrot60-60250XX    
NBROBMschwarz66-2580OOXO O
NBRGIMO DIN 86076schwarz72-25100OOXX  
NBRPBN hartschwarz900130OOXX O
NBR/KorkRGC 257braun40 - 60-20120  X   
NBR/KorkRGC 210braun60 - 80-20135  X   
NR/SBROL hellhell60-3080 O  OO
PURVulkollan D15natur70/80/90-35120XXXX  
PURPolyurethan D44natur70/80/90-35120XXXX  
PVCPVCgelblich transp.70-2080XX  OO
SBRG schwarzschwarz65-3570 O  OO

X = resistant
O = limited resistance