Egraflex Steelflon Waveline-WLP®-special gaskets

Our solution for optimal leakage reduction

Egraflex Steelflon Waveline-WLP®-special gaskets

Minimale emissions

The use of toxic, environmentally harmful or simply expensive gaseous media places extremely high demands on the sealing technology with the goal of very low emissions.

Frequently, economic and safety-related aspects play an important part for the operator as well.


Egraflex Steelflon Waveline-WLP®

meets the most important criteria for the plant operator:

  • very low emissions for environmental protection, safety and economy (according to the draft of VDI Directive 2440) by way of extremely low surface and cross-section leakage
  • universal use for easy storage and availability
  • installation safety, good handling and easy removal

The interior structure of the sheet consists of several 0.5 mm layers of high-grade graphite film and 0.05 mm layers of sheet metal and stainless steel foil.
The surface consists of a stainless steel carrier foil coated with a 0.05 mm layer of PTFE.
The entire compound is free of adhesives.


Waveline-WLP® design

  • reduces cross-section leakage through pre-compression of gasket
  • reduces surface leakage through "O ring effect"
  • reduces surface leakage of a flanged gasket in a particularly significant manner
  • compared to a smooth metal flange, it provides improved ease of installation due to increased rigidity


  • minimal leakage (see materials-testing laboratory graph)
  • meets leakage requirements under VDI Directive 2440 and TA Luft
  • starting at 10 N/mm2 leakage rate 0.0001 mg/s m (DIN 28090-1)
  • media resistance of 1.4571 and/or PTFE
  • wide range of applications
  • no measurable creeping
  • high blow-off safety
  • quick replacement because gaskets do not stick to gasket surfaces
  • no contamination of medium due to gasket
  • no contamination of gasket with toxic media
  • storage cost reduction due to gasket's universal nature (PN and class coverage with "unitec" design)
  • high installation safety and improved handling through Waveline WLP®

Here you can find additional information for instance about the different designs