Special seal, made of Centellen WS 3820

ROUND SEAL RING RU - WS 2820: Special seal, made of Centellen WS 3820

The special seals RU - WS 2820 represent specially designed round seal rings or round cords that offer an optimal solution for the static sealing of covers, housings, containers, and more. With a unique construction of thin, special flat sealing material that is wrapped and bonded, they set new standards in terms of efficiency and reliability.


Material composition

With a material density of approximately 1.3 g/cm³, the RU - WS 2820 seals offer excellent stability and durability. Their construction allows for high adaptability to various operating conditions. Thanks to the availability in various crosssections and sizes, the seals can be individually tailored to the specific requirements of the application.


Application area

The RU - WS 2820 seals are versatile and can be used in a variety of industrial applications where reliable and longlasting sealing is critical. From the chemical industry to energy generation to food processing, these seals offer optimal performance under the toughest conditions. They are excellent replacements for elastomer O-rings at temperatures above 200°C and are ideal for use in planar or end-face open grooves without the need for stretching or compression. In triangular grooves, the seals can withstand pressures up to 250 bar, while in rectangular grooves, they can withstand pressures up to 5 bar. The seals are designed for a temperature range of -200 to 250°C in water and steam and up to 350°C in other media. They offer high resistance to water, oils, gasoline, benzene, and solvents, while not suitable for use with acetone, nitro thinner, and concentrated acids.


Technical specifications and assembly

With precise manufacturing that considers specific tolerances and dimensions, the RU - WS 2820 seals guarantee easy installation and high operational reliability. For mounting in special groove shapes, such as triangular or rectangular grooves, they offer a tailored solution that ensures high pressure resistance and sealing performance.

CAUTION: Not resistant to acetone, nitro thinner, concentrated acids, and alkalis.