AK® 2635

The solution for extreme demands

AK® 2635

The HT fabric seal AK® 2635 is a specially developed high-temperature seal that offers optimal performance in demanding industrial environments. Manufactured from high-quality HT glass fabric reinforced with stainless steel wire and coated on both sides with a special elastomer coating, the AK® 2635 sets new standards in sealing technology.


Material composition

The core consists of HT glass fabric reinforced with stainless steel wire. The dual-sided special elastomer coating enhances sealing and durability, while the graphite coating on all sides largely prevents the seal from sticking to the mating surface. As a result, the seal is particularly soft and elastic, enabling excellent adaptation to the sealing surface.


Application area

The AK® 2635 is resistant to water, steam, aqueous solutions, weak acids and alkalis, as well as non-aggressive vapors and gases. It is designed for sealing handholes and manholes, boiler doors, or covers, making the AK® 2635 suitable for a variety of industrial sectors. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for power generation facilities, the chemical and petrochemical industry, and other sectors that require reliable sealing at high temperatures.


Technical details:

  • Pressure range: Up to 20 bar

  • Temperature range: From -50°C to +450°C

  • pH range: 3 to 12

  • Available forms: Supplied as tape from 8 mm width, rings from 60 x 80 mm, and frames from 10 mm width, to meet a wide range of application requirements.



The AK 2635 represents a significant advancement in sealing technology by combining safety, reliability, and environmental awareness in one product. With its outstanding performance and flexibility, it is an excellent choice for companies looking to enhance their operational efficiency while simultaneously minimizing their environmental impact