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AK® PRODUCTS - High-Performance Sealing Solutions for Demanding Industrial Applications

With decades of experience and a deep understanding of our customers' needs, we offer a wide range of products specifically designed for closures, lids, oven doors, and lever flaps.

Our products are distinguished by their durability, flexibility, and adaptability to various requirements, making them a preferred choice in numerous industries. Our AK® products, made from rubber-coated fabrics, are the result of meticulous craftsmanship and technical precision. We use high-quality materials such as glass, aramid, and cotton, which can be supplemented with special reinforcements depending on the level of stress.

Our products offer an optimal combination of strength and elasticity to meet the specific requirements of each sealing point.

AK® seals are widely used as closure seals on handhole and manhole closures, as lid seals on dome and container lids, as door seals on boiler doors, and as flap seals on blast furnace gas flaps or furnace flaps. Available in various profiles, from strip material to rings and specifically adapted shapes, our seals meet the highest quality standards and contribute to efficient and safe operation.

To maximize the longevity and functionality of our seals, they are usually coated with a non-stick coating. This not only ensures smooth operation but also facilitates installation, even in tight spaces. Discover our extensive product range and learn how AK® sealing solutions can improve the efficiency and safety of your facilities.


Material and Construction

AK® seals are made from rubber-coated fabrics, using materials such as glass, aramid, and cotton. For higher stress levels, films made of FA material are used for reinforcements.

Wire-reinforced fabrics can also be processed. Core options: For increased elasticity, the seals can be equipped with a soft core made of materials such as elastomer, braided packing, or twisted fiber cord. This allows for individual adjustment of strength and elasticity to the requirements of the specific sealing point.


Application areas

They are used as sealing gaskets (for handhole and manhole closures), lid gaskets (on dome and container lids), door gaskets (on boiler doors), and flap gaskets (for blast furnace gas flaps or furnace flaps).

Profiles and shapes: The gaskets are available in various profiles and shapes, including rectangular and round strip material, rings, oval gaskets, and frames.

For special applications, custom shapes can be supplied, such as flag tape for furnace door sealing or wedge-shaped preload rings.


Special features

Surface coating: The surface of the gaskets is usually coated with a non-stick coating (graphite or PTFE dispersion) to improve performance and longevity.

Installation: When installing in tight spaces, it should be noted that the gaskets are equipped with a 45° bevel cut and a slight excess length.

This allows for effective compression throughout the installation space and prevents leaks.



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