KLINGER®flon-Spray - Separating-, Anti-Seizing- And Lubricating Agent





KLINGER®flon-Spray is a separating-, anti-seizing and lubricating agent on a TFE base (tetra-fluor-ethulentelimer) – it is dispergent in CHC- and HCFC- exempt solvents- and thinned with a special benzene dilutant. The handy KLINGER®flon aerosol ensures a clean and rapid application of the agent.

After application and the evaporation of the solvent, there rekains a thin white TFE coating bound by bonding agent, with the typical characterisitics of fluorine plastics – such as:


  • a separating and anti-adhesive effect 
  • temperature resistant up to +265°C
  • practically chemically inert, resistant to acids, alkalis and solvents
  • physiologically compatible
  • self-lubricating effect at low-rate friction coefficients