AK® 2602

Glass Fiber Seal

AK® 2602

The AK® 2602 gasket represents the highest quality and performance in demanding industrial applications. Developed as an asbestos-free alternative, it combines innovative materials and manufacturing techniques to provide a reliable sealing solution.


Material composition

The core of the seal is made of glass fabric, which is coated on both sides with an elastomer. An additional special feature is the one-sided rubber-coated overlay of glass fabric, which is soaked on the outside with a PTFE dispersion. This construction offers exceptional sealing performance and durability.


Application range

The seal shows outstanding resistance to water, steam, aqueous solutions, weak acids and alkalis, as well as nonaggressive vapors and gases. This versatility makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. The AK® 2602 is primarily used as a static seal, for example, for hand and manholes, covers, or blast furnace gas flaps. Its PTFE coating increases chemical resistance and minimizes the risk of the seal sticking or burning on. It is supplied in various shapes, including strips from 8 mm square, rings from 60 x 80 mm diameter, and frames from 10 mm square, allowing for customized adaptation to specific requirements.


Technische Details:

  • Temperature resistance: -50°C to 280°C
  • Pressure resistance: Up to 20 bar
  • Media resistance: Water, steam, weak acids and alkalis, as well as a variety of chemicals
  • pH range: 1-12
  • Easy installation and maintenance



The AK 2602 impresses with its extraordinary adaptability and resistance to a wide range of media, making it a versatile solution for numerous sealing problems.