Beaded Gaskets

Beaded Gaskets made of steel


Cost-Effectively - also for small quantities
Beaded Gaskets made of steel

Often Beaded Gaskets, made of steel or stainless steel, are used in

High-Temperature-Applications. Particularly the applications for exhaust-systems in machines, equipment and motors are to be mentioned. Depending on requirements, the metal sheet thickness varies from 0,3mm to 2.0mm.

The necessary forces for installation are reduced due to the deformation of the sealing surface and the embossing of a bead. The operating temperature for this gasket depends on the used material. E. g. the material 1.4828 is resistant up to 1000°C.

Elasteel Beaded Gaskets made of metal cores with a fiber-reinforced rubber coating

Elasteel beaded gaskets made of metal cores with a fiber-reinforced rubber coating for a demanding sealing connection. KLINGER A. W. Schultze supplies two types of the material:


Elasteel is a material with a metal core and a fiber-reinforced rubber coating on both sides. Into the seal is stamped a bead as sealing zone. This narrow sealing zone reduces the necessary force for installation to a minimum. An excellent sealing behaviour is the benefit. The recovery of the gasket is limited by the strength of the metal core.

Elasteel plus

Elasteel plus features a core of feather-hard and rolled stainless steel with a thicker elastomer coating, for more demanding applications. Due to the improved features the recovery is much better. With these features, Elasteel Plus can handle very demanding sealing tasks, like pulsating pressures. Since we produce the tools for the production In-House, we can produce these gaskets also cost-effectively.