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Since 1878 we design and realize plastic gaskets

Technical plastics

Since 1878 we design and realize gaskets made of metals and plastics according to your specific requirements. In addition to PTFE gaskets made of polytetrafluoroethylene we also supply gaskets made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP) and polycarbonate (PC). Get an overview of the specific properties of the materials we use.

Standard designation
Commercial delivery standards
Application examples
Spec. weightg/cm³
Operating temp. min./max.
Standard values
(polyvinyl chloride)
Trovidur, Hostalit, Vinidur, Kömmadur, z.B.Sheets, blocks, pipes, hollow bars, massive bars, filmsApparatus construction, pipelines, turned partsFlame-resistant1,3960/70
Soft-PVCMipoplastSheets, websImpact protection, gaskets, bench coveringChemical-resistant1,28 
Rigid PE
(low-pressure polyethylene)
Trolen, Lupolen, Supralen, z. B.Sheets, blocks, pipes, massive barsMoulded parts, apparatus constructionResistant to most acids, alkalines and solvents, flammable0,9460/90
(high-pressure polyethylene)
Trolen 200Sheets, films, massive barsDeep drawn components, turned partsSame as rigid PE0,9260/90
RCH 1000
(low-pressure polyethylene) of high molecular weight
Supralen, RCH 1000, Hostalen, Lupolen H, Wefapress, z. B.Sheets, massive barsBearings, gear wheels, part of great stability with good anti-friction propertiesFlammable, high abrasion resistance0,94120
Trolen-P, Hostalen PP, Vestolen P, z.B.Sheets, blocks, pipes,Apparatus construction, absorbers, washing machine partsHighly temperature-resistant, flammable0,91120
PA 6
Aeternarnid, Nylon,Trogamid, Ultrarnid, Sustamid, Rilsan, z. B.Round bars, pipes, hollow bars, sheets, filmsSockets, gear wheels, guides, bolts, hollow bodiesTough, good abrasion resistance, resistant to petrol and benzol1,14100/150
PA 6.6
Aeternamid, Nylon, Trogamid, Ultramid, Sustamid, Rilsan, z. B.Round bars, pipes, hollow bars, sheets, filmsBearing bushings subject to increased stress, gear wheelsMore rigid than PA 6, less stretch, good emergency properties1,14100/150
PA 11
Aeternarnid, Nylon,Trogamid, Ultramid,Sustamid, Rilsan, z. B.Round bars, pipes, hollow bars, sheets, filmsDimensionally stable componentsIncreased heat resistance and lower water absorption1,0460/120
(polyvinylidene flouride)
Sygef, Symalit, KynarPipes, round bars, sheets + blocks, fittings + auxiliary equipmentChem. Apparatus construction, pipelines, turned parts, mechanical engineeringHigh chemical resistance, high dimensional stabilit1,78-60/+ 160
(acetal resin)
Delrin, Hostaforrn CSheets, massive barsBearings, bolts, gear wheels, sliding partsVery hard, dimensionally stable, good anti-friction properties1,4185/140
Hostaflon, Fluon, z. B.Sheets, films, massive barsGaskets, membranes, turned partsExtremely high chemical resistance, flame-proof2,2-200/+ 250
Makrolon, Lexan, SustonatSheets, massive barsApparatus construction, protective covers, glazingMechanical stability, flame resistant, good impact resistance1,2-100/+135
(acrylic glas)
Plexiglas, Pexigum, Plexidur, Resarit, z. B.Sheets, pipes, massive barsApparatus construction, electronic parts, model buildingCrystal-clear, hard surface, physiologically flawless1,1880
Hp 2061
(hard paper)
Birax, Ferrozell, Pertinax, Kartit, Trolitax, z. B.SheetsComponents for control equipment, printed circuit boards, transformerGood insulating properties, with oil immersion suitable to 100°C1,4125
Hgw 2082
(fabric based laminate)
BiratexSheets, massive bars, pipesGear wheels, sockets, insulating components, rolls, sliding partsHighly resistant, dimensionally stable1,4125