Special gaskets Waveline-WLP®

Best leakage reduction



As a result of fibre or metallic intrusion, etc. the production of semi-finished flat gasket products (sheet material) inevitably results in non-homogeneous gasket structure. This structure is characterised by a slight diffusion through the gasket's cross-section. The available surface compression is frequently insufficient for achieving adequate gas-tight compression of the gasket structure and ensuring micro sealing of the surfaces.
When these sealed joints are tested by way of pressure tests, unacceptable leakage appears.

Frequently, the required impermeability is not achieved when using conventional flat gaskets in a flange with a smooth sealing strip or similar flanged joints. As a result of low bolt loads and bending rigidity of the flanges, frequently the required surface compression for rendering the gasket leak-proof cannot be generated here.

Thus the effective surface compression achieved in a flange according to DIN 2635 with standard width 50/pressure level 40 and bolt grade 5.6, for instance, is approx. 28 N/mm2 at 80% bolt load.


Without the need to change the flange geometry or bolt grade, Waveline WLP gaskets are the right answer for these issues.

The corrugated compressed flat gasket implements the following idea:

A conventional flat gasket gets pre-compressed with high surface pressure before installation, giving the gasket a wave-shaped cross-section.


  • Less leakage
  • Cost reduction resulting from less media loss (we will be glad to calculate your savings for you.)
  • Increased buckling stability (with graphite)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improved scratch resistance

Here you can find additional information, for instance about the different designs