Hydrogen production, storage, and transport

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Application Area H2

Hydrogen is versatile in its applications - renewable energy can be stored as chemical energy and later converted back into electrical energy using fuel cells.

This process operates completely emission-free!!


In the chemical industry, hydrogen is used, among other things, in oil refineries for refining petroleum or in the production of synthetic fuels. Hydrogen is also increasingly used in mobility. Particularly when energy demands are extraordinarily high, such as in heavy-duty transport, and electric drives cannot provide sufficient range, the problem can be solved with a fuel cell.

All applications of hydrogen share the same goal: to reduce the ecological footprint and generate CO2-neutral energy.

To minimize leakage during the production, storage, or transport of hydrogen, proper sealing is of paramount importance.




und der Anwendungsbereich rund um das Thema Wasserstoff

Our specially developed EGRAFLEX STEELFLON WAVELINE-WLP® gasket has already proven itself in many other applications due to its technical data and very low leakage.

We are proud to announce that our special gasket, EGRAFLEX STEELFLON WAVELINE-WLP®, has achieved exceptionally low leakage rates in the leakage test with H2 during the test procedure according to DIN EN 13555. This makes it not only suitable for applications in hydrogen production, storage, and transport but also capable of significantly reducing leakage compared to other sealing materials.

The objective of the test is to determine the gasket characteristics according to the European test standard DIN EN 13555 (edition: April 2021). Deviating from the test standard, the leakage tests were carried out with the test medium Hydrogen 5.0.

The gasket tests were conducted in the testing laboratory of amtec.


Complete test report, including test results


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