AK® 2702 & 2757

High-performance aramid fabric seals

AK® 2702 & 2757

The models AK® 2702 and AK® 2757 represent the pinnacle of innovation in material technology and sealing performance. These products combine outstanding mechanical properties with excellent chemical resistance to ensure reliable sealing even under extreme conditions.


Material Composition

The AK® 2702 & 2757 seals are made from a high-quality aramid fabric, coated on both sides with special elastomers. This combination ensures high mechanical strength, excellent chemical resistance, and good temperature tolerance. The aramid fibers offer exceptional durability and resistance to abrasion and erosion, while the elastomer coating provides an effective seal. Additionally, the AK® 2702 is PTFE impregnated, and the AK® 2757 is graphitized. This surface treatment prevents the seal from sticking. The PTFE impregnation is recommended when discoloration of the medium must be avoided.


Application Areas

These seals are designed for use in a variety of industrial applications where high temperatures and aggressive chemicals play a role. These include chemical plants, power plants, refineries, as well as applications in the oil and gas industry. They are particularly suitable for static seals where high reliability and durability are required.


Technical details

  • Temperature resistance: -50°C to +250°C (AK 2702), up to +300°C (AK 2757)

  • Pressure resistance: Suitable for applications with medium to high pressure

  • Chemical resistance: Designed for use with a wide range of media, including oils, gases, water, and a variety of chemicals



The combination of high temperature and pressure resistance, together with exceptional chemical resistance, makes the AK® 2702 & 2757 an ideal choice for extremely demanding sealing requirements.